how often should I train each muscle group?

3 times per week.


To train the same muscle 3 times a week is a good solution for beginners. The more often we repeat the movement, the faster begins the neuromuscular adaptation. And the sooner this happens, the faster real muscle growth will begin.

Exercises where many muscles work at once are very stressful for central nervous system and doing them too often can lead to an exhaustion of the nervous system and overtraining. This could also cause an injury.

once a week.


Training each muscle group once a week is suitable for maintaining the result and not for improving it.

It will be hard(almost impossible) to progress due to lost of supercompensation.
If, after a previous workout, the next workout does not occur at the time of supercompensation, the body returns to the pre-training level and does not develop.

2 times per week.


This allows you to create the necessary training volume and maintain high intensity, as well as have time to recover.

This is the very best training frequency for your body.

Training Frequency

How often should you train each muscle group?

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