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I am not a Nutritionist, neither a Dietologist: this blog is intended to share with other women my experience as a professional athlete, and therefore someone who needs to aknowledge the basics of nutrition to get the most out of her trainings.

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Learning to eat in a healthy way, according to your lifestyle, your condition and your fitness goals is the best way to nourish your body.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious and Balanced regime?

Listen to your body!

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy has to become a daily habit.

Sure you can go on a diet to lose wieght in some quick but not-sustainable-on-the-long-term way. Nevertheless, choosing to let your body gradually adapt to a healthy lifestyle, intended to be your main style of nutrition, could give you better results both on weight control and energy levels.

My Approach

Set your GOAL:

  • loose weight
  • build muscle
  • boost energy levels
  • detoxify your organism

My Process

It is crucial to adopt a lifestyle, and therefore nutritional habits, that are specific to your goal.

My Results

It is wonderful to reach your goal but, first of all, it is essential to notice and appreciate an improvement in your general condition.

My Food Blog

my personal journey through nutrition as a professional athlete



Training Frequency

How often should you train each muscle group?

Lose Weight and Build Muscles

Everyone wants to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Unfortunately it takes a miracle.

How to Eat to Lose Weight

Nutrition for a weight loss plays a huge role. In fact, losing weight is very easy if you know the basic rules.

Pre-Workout Stretching

Do not forget to stretch your muscles before start training: the body needs to be prepared to your fitness session to avoid injuries!

Get Fit



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Professional Athlete

The tireless athlete: she’s the one training not just for the glory of her fencing career, but also to reach the fitness nirvana. This redoutable Estonian fencer is admired in every sports hall she has been to for her toughness and her body shape. When it comes to her stunning beauty there’s no doubt about her not-so-secret asset: perseverance. #KIRPUFIT is her new goal and we’re glad she’s decided to share her wonderful journey with every woman who’s determined to tackle the daily fitness challenge under the guidance of this professional athlete.