Kirpu’s Mantra

If you have not started playing sports yet, or if you are already an experienced athlete, it is always useful to recall the benefits of physical exercise.

And remember, sport should be always a pleasure.


Scientific studies show that any physical activity which is practised on a regular basis reduces risks of common diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack by 70%.


Surely there’s risk of injuries, mostly wherever inexperienced and non competent subjects choose an inadequate training program.

minimize risks

With the right choice of the type of training, with a competent approach and an adequate level of loads – there is no danger nor risk.

good for your heart

The heart and the vessels adapt to physical activity, so as a result, you are less tired during daytime activities, feel more vigorous, work more productively. It is therefore highly recommended to practice on a regular basis. 

Immunity strengthens

The body’s defenses are increasing – you get sick less often, you can endure diseases easier and faster.

metabolism activation

Regular training helps regulate sugar and cholesterol blood levels, fighting the building up of those molecules due to sedentary lifestyles.

the more you load, the stronger you get
The musculoskeletal system strengthens. The mass and strength of the muscles increase. The bones of the skeleton become stronger adapting to the loads.
brain training

You improve your cognitive (mental) abilities.

Training Frequency

How often should you train each muscle group?

Lose Weight and Build Muscles

Everyone wants to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Unfortunately it takes a miracle.

How to Eat to Lose Weight

Nutrition for a weight loss plays a huge role. In fact, losing weight is very easy if you know the basic rules.

Pre-Workout Stretching

Do not forget to stretch your muscles before start training: the body needs to be prepared to your fitness session to avoid injuries!

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Professional Athlete

The tireless athlete: she’s the one training not just for the glory of her fencing career, but also to reach the fitness nirvana. This redoutable Estonian fencer is admired in every sports hall she has been to for her toughness and her body shape. When it comes to her stunning beauty there’s no doubt about her not-so-secret asset: perseverance.  #KIRPUFIT is her new goal and we’re glad she’s decided to share her wonderful journey with every woman who’s determined to tackle the daily fitness challenge under the guidance of this professional athlete.