Nutrition for a weight loss plays a huge role. In fact, losing weight is very easy if you know the basic rules. 

Calorie Deficit for Losing Weight

Fat is a stored energy. The only way to make the body to use it is to create a need. The need to waste reserves occurs when the energy stops to arrive with food in sufficient quantities.
Energy is measured in calories. All food has calories except water. The body takes as much as it needs, the rest is set aside for a “bad day”. If that bad day comes, organism begins to use reserves.
So the only way to get rid of fat is to get less energy (calories) with food. This is the calorie deficit – alpha and omega of weight loss. You can eat even properly and cleanly, but if you do not have a calorie deficit, i.e. get more than you spend, you will not lose weight.

There are many different ways to create a calorie deficit:

1.The most obvious is to simply reduce the total amount of food you eat. Try to eat all the same, but two times less. Less food – less calories, and it works great.

2. You can change the quality of food: replace high-fat foods with fat-free, fatty meats – with lower-fat meat. Reduce sugar. It is harder to overeat dietary meal.

3. Another way is to start eating more protein and less fat and carbohydrate foods. Protein foods (meat, poultry, fish) saturates well and helps to control the appetite. It is calorie deficiency that is important: it is not protein that has magical fat-burning properties, but a calorie deficit created with it.

4. To increase physical activity, creating a calorie deficit, only, unlike the previous approaches, without reducing the “arrival”, but increasing the “expense”. The problem is that the number of calories that can be spent on training of the beginner is small. The only people who can burn a lot of calories are experienced athletes, but they usually don’t need it. Beginners do not usually burn such a huge amount of calories, as shown by simulators and various wrist devices. Therefore, calorie restriction in food and increased activity will work well.

5. To count calories and to keep a food diary in any application for a smartphone. You can afford a variety of foods, and even some junk food every day, if everything fits into the daily calorie intake.

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How to Eat to Lose Weight

Nutrition for a weight loss plays a huge role. In fact, losing weight is very easy if you know the basic rules.


People who lose weight without counting calories, and oppose the energy balance, still lose weight with the help of energy balance. To lose fat, you have to spend more or eat less. Most likely, this is not what most want to hear, but it is.

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a tonic body comes from the combination of both nutrition and training

Training Frequency

How often should you train each muscle group?

Lose Weight and Build Muscles

Everyone wants to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Unfortunately it takes a miracle.

How to Eat to Lose Weight

Nutrition for a weight loss plays a huge role. In fact, losing weight is very easy if you know the basic rules.

Pre-Workout Stretching

Do not forget to stretch your muscles before start training: the body needs to be prepared to your fitness session to avoid injuries!




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